Painting with light

Since 1997

Our beginning

A brief history

Fascinated since the childhood by the colored light crossing through stained glass, Jonatan Díaz began at the age of 14 to make his first stained glass window with an old cutter and a copper soldering iron heated over a fire. At the age of 18 he opened his own studio, Vitromar, where he continues creating unique pieces and researching new craft techniques.


What we do

At Vitromar we design, make and restore stained glass in a completely artisanal way, cutting glass piece by piece, and assembling them with traditional lead came or copper foil (Tiffany), among other techniques. We move in a perfect balance between the modernity offered by new techniques and materials, and respect for the ancient tradition of our craft. As a result of years of experience and constant research, we have become a well known studio by taking glass art to a new level, turning each work into elegant pieces of contemporary design. We use a powerful computer design tool to create realistic sketches so you can see your finished stained glass installed on place even before we cut the first piece, using real light levels and transparency.

Our designs

We work daily with architects, builders, interior designers and other related professionals. This keeps us in close contact with the latest trends in design, materials and techniques, applying our knowledge to design.

Tenemos nuestro propio estilo porque creamos todas y cada una de nuestras obras; desde el mismo diseño hasta la instalación. No obstante, las fuentes de inspiración son muchas, como una fotografía de un paisaje, una lámina o una obra famosa. En ocasiones hemos realizado vidrieras partiendo de la fotografía de una escultura, o hemos reproducido en vidrio cuadros de pintores famosos. Materializamos cualquier idea de nuestro cliente. Pero aún si no tiene una idea definida, contacte con nosotros, cuéntenos su caso, y verá lo que podemos hacer por usted.

Our raw materials

The glass we use for our stained glass windows is handmade by the world's leading art glass manufacturers. We choose the highest quality. 

From design to installation

We make our pieces to last for centuries, so choosing a good design is very important. Our work begins by advising the client regarding the color, transparency, texture or motif to use. In order for the client to have as clear an idea as possible of what their finished project will look like, we draw a scale sketch. Then using an image of the final location, a digital recreation, or a plan, we place the stained glass on top, giving it the real levels of transparency that each piece of the stained glass will have. Once the customer gives the go-ahead, we begin the manufacturing process. Thanks to our advanced work method, we have reduced delivery times. In many cases our stained glass windows are inserted in double-glazed units, which allows greater security and protection, in addition to providing thermo-acoustic insulation. Afterwards, we can carry out the assembly, delivery to the site, or shipping to any part of the world with our special crating system for glass.

Who we are?

Meet our team

Jonatan Diaz

Jonatan is a stained glass Master Craftsman. Founder of Vitromar, he has been working with stained glass since he was 14 years old. He widely masters traditional techniques and constantly researches new technologies and materials to perfect his mastery.

Although we have a team of occasional collaborators, Jonatan Díaz is the founding Master Craftsman of Vitromar. He is characterized by his effort to perpetuate the art of stained glass, taking it beyond just windows or doors, innovating new applications for his pieces. With extensive knowledge of traditional techniques, Jonatan constantly researches new techniques and materials in search of excellence in each piece.

Attracted by everything that can be made with glass, in addition to stained glass, Jonatan has investigated new materials and techniques, among others, with optical glass and high-definition mirrors. As result, a new line of sculptural kaleidoscopes called Reflektium has emerged emerged.

Although kaleidoscopes have traditionally been considered toys, Reflektium are unique pieces of art made with high quality materials, more typical of jewelry than the world of glass. This makes them exclusive and unrepeatable masterpieces

Jonatan has been awarded by this kaleidoscopes collection the 2022 Singular Work of Crafts Award.

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