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It doesn't matter if you are a professional or private client: Questions regarding our work frequently arise. We have compiled here some of those questions and our way of solving them. Do you still have any more questions? Feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Raw Materials

Selection of the best materials so that our stained glass windows last for centuries.

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Security solutions for stained glass: Double glazing, anti-theft glass, tempered glass, bulletproof glass...

Yes, even on existing double glazing panels. The most common and recommended procedure is the one described in the image. The glass is installed inside the air chamber, completely hermetic and protected. This type of glazing provides thermoacoustic insulation, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

The double glazing panel can be composed of single glass, laminated glass, laminated + silence glass, low-e glass, tempered glass, anti-reflective glass or even bulletproof glass depending on the level of security required, all of this allowing a perfect vision of the piece.

As much as you want. In the case of the previous question, it is explained that they can even be bulletproof, either by double glazing or by sealing the panel to a protective glass. As we don't glue our pieces to a flat base glass, our technique allows the restoration by removing the broken pieces compared to the expensive and irreparable breakage suffered by glued or laminated on other glass, or fusing.

Yes, both for doors and windows or other supports. It does not have to be necessary to remove the divisions to be able to install the stained glass. In fact, there are designs that look better in this type of frame, avoiding transforming the frame. However, sometimes and according to the needs of each client we can eliminate the divisions as can be seen in the following image.


Yes. In the case of ceilings, they can be installed in skylights with natural or artificial light, flat, curved or segmental planes, in removable backlit ceilings, or in light boxes/lamps that are easy to install without works where there is no possibility of opening holes in the ceiling.

On walkable glass floors, a protective glass is needed. We place lights from the bottom creating awesome effects.

No. Lo que se muestra en esta web o en nuestros catálogos solo es una muestra de lo que se puede hacer. Sirven para orientar a los clientes en cuanto al estilo y técnicas posibles, pero los modelos aquí representados solo son una selección de algunos de los trabajos que hemos realizado para nuestros clientes. Podemos realizar diseños a partir de una lámina, de una fotografía con paisaje, de esculturas abstractas, de la propia imaginación, de las ideas que usted aporte, o podemos reproducir obras de arte famosas.  Explíquenos  su caso y verá lo que podemos diseñar para usted.

Yes. We do work internationally, and thanks to a specialized palletizing system for glass we can even send large quantities to any part of the world, with full-risk transport insurance.

Yes, we frequently take care of the installation of our own pieces. On other occasions we do not do it for different reasons, such as the need to use cranes or other auxiliary equipement for installation. In that case we entrust our work to qualified personnel.

When long distance shipping it is usually more practical to have the installation done by local staff, especially when our travel costs exceed shipping and installation costs, such as when shipping to other continents. However we can also take care of this task if necessary.  

It depends on several factors. Dimensions, difficulty of the work and, eventually, the availability of certain materials, can vary the deadline of a project. Our work is completely artisanal and each piece is completely handmade for each client and tailor-made , so the processing time is longer than other machine-made work. 

In any case, delivery times are reasonably short. Therefore, we will clearly inform you of the execution time of your project and its installation date at the budget approval.

Our stained glass are made to last for centuries. There are stained glass windows in cathedrals from the 9th century still in excellent condition. As our stained glass windows are made according to traditional techniques, but with improved materials, they do not have to last any less if If maintained properly with some simple cares.

No, the colors can never be lightened because we use colored-mass glass. When hot manufacturing the color is added to the melted glass, to the glass become coloured. In cases where we use paints or enamels, these are fired at 650ºC - 950ºC melting inside the glass. We don't glue colored sheets or treat with resins. Only handmade glass and noble materials.

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