Why choose Vitromar Stained Glass?

At Vitromar, we have devoted many years to investigating different techniques, materials, and design tools that has allowed us to develop a superior method of work above industry standards. The three main results of our experience in innovation are:


The quality from the foundation of the design: unique and personalized. We always use premium quality colored glass. The assembly process and lead have a lifetime warranty. The stained glass in a double glazed frame has a 10 year warranty against condensation or particles of dust in the interior of the frame.


Attentiveness to the client is a high priority, so generally projected drafts with budgets included are delivered within a maximum of 48 hours. Our objective is to materialize the idea of the client, and therefore we always consult the client to find the best and most efficient solution to their needs.


We are on the cutting edge of design. Our design team dedicates many hours to creating unique pieces different from predesigned models or mass produced designs which abound in the market. This forces us to always stay up to date with architectural and decorative styles and gives us a huge advantage over the competitors.

Quality from the Outset

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In order to deliver the best quality of work, we carefully select the material used to create our stained glass pieces. That is why quality should start at the beginning: with the manufacturing of the colored glass.

For this reason, we use glass from the best manufacturers in the world that constantly experiment with new techniques, textures and colors. This allows us to be at the forefront of the application of these materials.

These are some of our providers. Thanks to them and their global network of distribution, we have over 5,000 different references, which can work together to combine colours, textures, transparency and opacity.

You can visit their official website by clicking on the logo of each brand.

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