The installation process and FAQ

Most of the times we take care of the installation of our creations. Frequently this implicates specific techniques of installation as the use of double glazing, modifications on the frames, use of security glass, sealing of previous installed glass, etc.

In order that you can learn more about the possibilities of our work, we will clarify some of the frequently asked questions.

Installation diagram of stained glass in double glazing

Instalación y preguntas frecuentes

1. Can i install stained glass panels in double glazing?

Yes, even in double glazing panels already installed. The most recommended process is the one described in the image beside. The piece of stained glass will stay inside the sealed air space totally hermetic and protected. Besides, in these cases we certificate a 10 year guarantee for the water condensation or dust that could get inside.

The double glazing can be composed of any kind of glass: monolithic, safety glass, safety silence, low-e, tempered, ant reflex, privacy glass, bullet proof... depending on the security level you need without taking away luminosity or clear vision thought the glass.

2. Could i have a safety stained glass?

As safe as you want! In the last argument we were talking about bullet proof glass, wether it's in double glazing or sealing the panel with a protective glass. The only difference with the known as "safety stained glass" is that ours are made with the traditional techniques of leading and copper foil, what allows it's restoration removing broken pieces easily, compared to the expensive and unrestaurable damage that suffer the laminated panels or the fusing panels.

3. Can i install stained glass with divisor stiles?

Yes, for windows or any other item. We don't need to take out the moulding stiles to install it, even some designs fits better in this kind of frames, not affecting on your taste or needs as we can see in the image above.

4. Do i have to choose a design of the web?

No. What's on the web or printed catalogue it's just a sample of what we can create! They are here to guide the customers about the style and design, but they're just pictures of pieces we've already done for some clients. We can create a piece from a drawing, landscape, sculptures, from your imagination, or we can even reproduce famous artworks. Just explain us what you have on mind and wait to see what we can do!

5. Can stained glass be delivered anywhere?

Yes, we can work internationally and thanks to a special palleting system for glass we can even ship big pieces to any part of the world.

6. What's the usual delivering period

It depends on what kind of work will be delivered. There are different factors that can make it short or longer, as for example the piece dimensions, the difficulty of the work, availavility of materials, etc. Anyway, we normally work fast, delivering a 1 Sq.Mt in the week after the commission.

7. Can i install stained glass in ceilings or floors?

Yes. If it's a ceiling, it could receive natural or artificial light. It could be suspended ceiling, or light boxes without building work if there isn't the possibility of making holes.

For floors, obviously we need a safety glass, normally a triple laminated with the lights installed underneath, or with natural light, creating some spectacular effects.

8. How long does a stained glass live? Can the colours be affected with time?

No, the colours can't vary because we use mass coloured glass. In the few cases we use paints, these are kiln-fired between 650ºC - 950ºC, getting fused within the glass. We don't stick coloured foils and we don't work with resins; just artisanal glass. And for the life of your stained glass, don't worry! If you take care of it, it can last for a thousand years!

High stained glass installation

Examples of special installations:

To the left a stained glass installed in a double glazing unit at 6 meters high.

On the right a series of stained glass windows without the divisor stiles removed during the installation, transforming them into whole windows. Inserted in double glazing windows.

Installation of stained glass without the divisor stiles