About Us

Sobre nosotrosVitromar is an artistic glass studio that, since 1997, has been utilizing the art of painting with light by creating and restoring stained glass in a truly artisanal way. All completed works of art are fashioned by hand cutting each piece of glass and assembling them together using traditional lead came or copper foil (Tiffany), among other techniques.

We work using a perfect balance of modernity offered by the newest techniques and materials available while maintaining deep respect for the millennial long tradition belonging to this profession.


As a result of many years of experience along with constant investigation of the newest techniques, we have become a national benchmark known for giving an innovative twist to the art of stained glass, transforming each production into elegant pieces of contemporary art.

We work with an impressive computer design tool to develop scaled drafts with realistic colors and textures in order to create a virtual photograph of the stained glass piece, which is then imaged onto a picture or attached to a 3D project showing the final location. This gives the client a visual of the stained glass piece finished and installed before the building is commenced, showing realistic waves of light and transparency.

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About Our Designs:

Our design team is constantly collaborating with architects, interior designers, building engineers, decorators, as well as other decorating, construction and art professionals. This allows us to stay in touch with the latest trends in these areas in a way that utilizes our knowledge of design.

For this reason, we do not use prefabricated designs that overload the internet. We use our own method by uniquely creating each of our pieces from the very first idea to the process of installation.

Nevertheless, the sources of inspiration are many, whether it be a photograph of a landscape, illustration or a famous work. On occasion we have made stained glass starting with just a photograph of a sculpture or have reproduced images of famous painters.

We desire to carry out the ideas of the client but if you do not have any specific ideas, contact us, tell us what your aim is and find out what we can do for you.

From Design to Installation:

We make our stained glass pieces to last centuries and, therefore, choosing a good design is very important. Our work begins with consulting with the client about colors, transparency, texture and purpose of use, while always respecting their preferences.

In order for the client to have the clearest idea possible of the finished work, we develop a draft to scale.

Then we use a photograph of the final location, a digital recreation, or plan and image the digital stained glass creation inside to give realistic clarity to each piece of the stained glass work.

Vitromar sobre nosotros

Once the client gives approval, we begin the manufacturing process. Thanks to our advanced method of work, we have a short delivery time.

In many cases our stained glass is inserted into double glazed panels, which affords greater security and protection and at the same time providing thermal insulating properties. Thereafter, we offer a ten years warranty against condensation in the interior of the air chamber.

Afterward, we can personally assemble it, deliver it on site, or ship it to any part of the world using our special palletizing system for stained glass.